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Adaptation Training

Girişim Savaşçısı Mentoru Faruk Eczacıbaşı

Awaken Your Inner Warrior!

Meet closely with the new generation of entrepreneurship.
Find out exactly what it takes to become a world-class entrepreneur.
Carry your life and business into the future.
Heal the world with entrepreneurship.

Awaken Your Inner Warrior!

Meet closely with the new generation of entrepreneurs. Find out exactly what it takes to become a world-class entrepreneur.

Carry your life and business into the future.

Heal the world with entrepreneurship.

You will learn the dynamics of the new era in depth and get acquainted with the new generation entrepreneurship perspective with the Venture Warrior Adaptation Training. The program deals with the future in a multifaceted way through philosophy, physics, economics, psychology, and the singularity, clearly reveals the steps to be taken to make a difference and accelerates you. In this unique entrepreneurship training, you will realize the methods of carrying your business and your life to the future and you will activate the real entrepreneur in you.


  • Participation Prerequisite:
    VEW Adaptation Training is open to pre-application of all entrepreneur candidates between the ages of 18-55. All applications that are found suitable are evaluated with an online interview in the next process and quickly concluded in a positive or negative way.
  • Periods:
    VEW Adaptation Training is opened 8 times in a season.
  • Duration:
    It is 40 hours in total; It includes 50 lessons and 9 special applications. It is presented live in the virtual classroom with cameras and is spread over a period of 7 evenings.
  • Benefit:
    VEW Adaptation Training gives you the basic philosophy of the Venture Warrior, tells you what you need to do to become a world-class entrepreneur, introduces you to the dynamics of the new era, and shows you the big picture. Thanks to this extraordinary entrepreneurship training, you learn in detail what you need to pay attention to when designing your own future, determine your roadmap to become a top-level entrepreneur and leader, understand how you can inspire people and mobilize communities, take action by getting critical details you need to get the highest level of efficiency from yourself.
  • Concrete Contributions:
  • At the end of the VEW Adaptation training, you will create your own entrepreneurial routines, gain a wide intellectual background, be able to look at business ideas and problems in an interdisciplinary way and start to implement a winning, profitable, and social benefit project. You will meet dozens of entrepreneurs who think differently, and you will build a brand-new environment for yourself.
  • Program Content:
  • New components of the digital economy, traces of entrepreneurship in human history, critical links between genetics and DNA and excellence, scientific relationships between the foundations of quantum physics and the elaborative approach model, the changing role and importance of VCs, trusts and crowdfunding in the next generation of entrepreneurship, blockchain and effects of cryptocurrencies on entrepreneurship, DAOs and NFT market, singularized cooperation in the new order, artificial intelligence architecture and future design, history of philosophy and entrepreneurship examples in the development of belief systems, “Change Agent” skill sets and disruptive innovation, profiles in next generation entrepreneurship, values and qualities, Entrepreneurship Warrior Philosophy, universal and heterogeneous perspective, life and sustainability-oriented entrepreneurial approach, needs-based revolutionary entrepreneurship model, life purpose, connections between social problems and business ideas, life philosophy acquisition and the role of luck factor, components of superior success and formula of perseverance , reference intervals, gaps and dark spots, limitless thinking style, inspiration and mobilization, anatomy of the brain, mood control, mental toughness and emotional flexibility, physics, genetics, psychology, philosophy, economics, and structural relationships between singularity and entrepreneurship and differentiating business ideas with an interdisciplinary perspective, creating entrepreneurial routines and taking action
  • Side Benefits:
    Special uniforms, notebooks, pens, books, and participation certificates are delivered to the participants.

Some of the Questions You Will Find Answers in The Program:

  • •What should your roadmap be in new-generation entrepreneurship?
  • •What are the common features of entrepreneurs and projects that change the world?
  • •Which entrepreneurship profile are you more prone to?
  • •How can you identify the most suitable entrepreneurial project and business idea for you?
  • •What should your entrepreneurial routines be like?
  • •How can you benefit from the functions of artificial intelligence in your business?
  • •What can you do to create a unique value proposition (UVP) with your business?
  • •How can you raise investment from the international community?
  • •What happens if you get an investment from a VC fund?
  • •What are the common characteristics of failing entrepreneurs?
  • •How do you determine the fair sales figure; how do you pay your teammates the right amount?
  • •How do you discipline yourself effectively?
  • •How can you combine profit-making with social benefit in your venture?
  • •How can you attract talents to your project?
  • •What do you need to do to convince your customers in the new order?
  • •How can you build a culture of common struggle among your team, customers, and suppliers?
  • •How can you strengthen your project with the detailed functions of physics, genetics, philosophy, psychology, and economics?
  • •How can you approach business ideas and problems from an interdisciplinary perspective?
  • •How can you adapt your life and work to the quantum age?
  • •How can you associate your initiative with your life purpose, how can you prepare your own entrepreneurship manifesto?




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