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“I got everything I dreamed of in the beginning, and more than that…"

When I applied to the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program, I had a 12-month-old baby and was about three and a half months pregnant. Imagine the psychology of a mother expecting her second baby while trying to get used to being a new mother… But that wasn't my only thought. In fact, I was constantly worried about what kind of world I would raise my babies in.

Beyond my concerns, my belief that I too had to do something was getting stronger day by day. I was looking for something but what? Something where I can discover myself, use my talents and equipment, build on them even more, put them into real life, and do this not alone, but with those who think and feel like me… Was I asking too much? Yes. But this is what I wanted, this is what I dreamed of…

First, I saw a promotion on Instagram, “Make a Difference, Make a Difference". Very powerful mentors were also mentioned. I immediately clicked on the ad and read the promotional article. What was written was close to me, and I became even more curious. I also thought I'd take a look at the application form. I realized that it had been two hours and I was still filling out the long application form. And send it… The next day, we reviewed your application and found it suitable. Pınar, I received an e-mail asking you to choose a date for the interview. And I immediately chose a date.

As the interview date approached, some problems began to emerge regarding the little baby in my womb. The week of the interview was quite stressful. On the other hand, my daughter was also sick and I had an interview in the evening on top of a sick baby all day and a broken psychology. I put my daughter to sleep in the evening, handed over the duty to my wife, and prepared for the interview, from the living room light to my hair and make-up. When the interview time came, I was ready.

I did the interview. The next day, I was accepted into the program. Boot Camp was starting. I entrusted my daughter to my mother and father and set out to Istanbul with my wife. It was my first time being separated from my daughter and unfortunately the little baby in my belly was not well…

But after 200 hours of training, I managed to graduate from the Recruit Corps and was already enrolled in the Master Corps. Moreover, knowing that I would lose my little baby in my womb that week… I did not give up…

Then the clock struck the Master Corps and 300 hours of grueling training began. For exactly six weeks, every weekend, I went from Bursa to Istanbul, back and forth… It was hard… I didn't give up…

Conclusion; I graduated. I got everything I dreamed of in the beginning, and more than that…

I now know what I am, what I want to be, and what I need to do on this path by embarking on an adventurous journey within myself. I am hopeful, I am strong. My project idea went from being an idea to being implemented. I now have a venture that I will raise like a baby. Moreover, I am not alone, I have a great team that thinks and feels like me.
Finally, I would like to share one of the little secrets that this magnificent education whispered to me…

“With the program, I immediately started to implement my project that reflects my life purpose, and I continue to be happy about it.”

I left the workplace where I had been working for four years, feeling internally unsatisfied, and I was questioning who I was and what I wanted to do. I met the Entrepreneurship Warrior program during this process. My process of getting to know myself accelerated so much that, with a clear mind, I immediately started to implement my project that reflects my life purpose, together with the program, and I continue to experience the happiness of this. We were pushed to our limits throughout the program.
We have learned that limits are often illusions, like fears, and we are not just these illusions. We are so much more. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to this program itself, my coaches, my teammates and everyone who contributed for showing us this.