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Industrial designer


There is no other entrepreneurship training that has every step planned and filled out. Entrepreneurship Warrior training constantly surprises and develops you with its extraordinary style. It offers a full training that gives you the opportunity to increase your knowledge and experience every day.

Every day during the training, “Let's see what I will learn today." I got up excitedly. I moved towards a new area with each course content, mentor meeting, homework and practice. I had the opportunity to receive comprehensive training on many subjects that I had never heard of before or had heard of but did not know. I completed this program by improving my skills on subjects that I had not even thought of when I started the training. I learned to manage my time better and to adapt and take quick action no matter what the situation is.

In this training, you also learn to combat uncertainty. Even in the most challenging physical practices, you dedicate yourself to the task and surrender to the adventure with the confidence of “no matter what, I will finish the day profitable", without thinking “where will this end?" and at the end of the day, you gain very valuable experiences.

This program, which changes your perspective on life, gives you not only business knowledge but also skills that you can use throughout your life. I am very happy that I could be a part of this creative formation. I have improved in every sense and become a better version of myself. I would like to thank our coaches and mentors for their efforts and the eye-opening vision they offer.