Betül Yılmaz - Girişim Savaşçısı

Betül Yılmaz






Organization and Project Management


It took time for me to see that the biggest obstacle to what I can do in many matters is myself. I had so many prejudices about myself that I realized them one by one, confronted them, and then said goodbye during the training. After participating in this professionally designed program, each step of which has a different strategic importance, my perspective on uncertainties and difficulties has completely changed. Because, thanks to the training given and the practices we carried out, my skills in reaching the goal improved at the same rate and I started to say to myself, “I can overcome this obstacle too." I am sure that I will be able to do many things simultaneously after completing the training, which I would have never thought possible a few months ago, and they do not intimidate me. I would like to thank our instructors who guided and guided me to complete the training process for all these and their valuable contributions, which are too many to count, our mentors who shared their experiences with us through their unforgettable conversations, and my troop mates for making an unforgettable adventure possible with their support. We hope to be able to fight for those dreams, believing in the power of social transformation that is shared by the dreams we dream!