Burcu Moripek - Girişim Savaşçısı

Burcu Moripek






Business Development Specialist


When I started taking steps to find myself and discover my true desires, I came across Entrepreneurship Warriors and as I started doing research on them, I suddenly found myself in the world of entrepreneurship.

This training, which consisted of three different stages, was not only a learning process, but also a life lesson and an experience full of valuable teachings for me. During my initial training, my perspective on the world completely changed and I became more willing to question myself, improve myself, and fight harder to get ahead.

In the second stage, I took steps to find myself in my own journey and began to find my own self by experiencing confrontations in my inner journey. This process led me to the third and final training. In the third training, I discovered the true warrior within me and gained the ability to break down my own walls.

Throughout this journey, the coaches, trainers, and mentors I trust have stood by me and helped me fight until the end to push myself forward. Every day I thought about what more I could achieve, and with this experience it was a big change for me to realize how lucky I am to be here.

I believe that everyone should uncover and develop their inner warrior throughout life, and I believe this process should include completing all three trainings.

My advice is this: Discover yourself and take a step for your own well-being in this world. Be sure to advance yourself further by completing this training to the end.