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Emre Başaran






Leather Engineer


The Entrepreneurship Warrior Program contains many emotions such as happiness, joy, anger, anger and stress, which come from the reality of life, and melts them in the same pot. If I were to briefly summarize the program; I can tell you about that famous speech that Winston Churchill made in the House of Commons. “I promise you nothing but pain, blood, sweat and tears." But in addition to this, I can say that it will be “worth it in the end".

             Just like writing a beautiful composition, there are Adaptation, Beginner and Master sections such as introduction, development and conclusion sections. In Intibak, we encounter an incredible information overload, in Novice, we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves even inside our cells in the most remote region in the light of this information overload, and as a result, we implement our project in the Master Union in the light of this enlightenment. This is the message intended to be given with the slogan “Make a Difference, Make a Difference". First, know and realize yourself, then make a difference with this enlightenment!

             When you complete the program, whether you want it or not, nothing will be the same again. I would like to express my gratitude to all the GIS team, whether we have seen or not, for their valuable contributions…