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Emre Çaprak







“I don't think anyone will use the word impossible after this training.”

When I felt that I needed support to make my initiative more sustainable, I researched many training programs. However, I saw that the existing programs on personal development were standard and like general school education. Startup Warrior was very different from other programs from its inception. The one-to-one attention we received during our training was truly wonderful.

The Entrepreneurship Warrior program delivers on its promises from beginning to end and provides you with serious equipment for the future. When we realize this and evaluate education well, the result

There is no chance of not succeeding.

All of our mentors were very special people, each more valuable than the other. They were very attentive to us and gave us more information than we could easily access.

The curriculum was not formulaic like other educational programs. It was constantly kept up to date and renewed according to current conditions and anticipating the future. This enabled our initiative to be easily adapted to the conditions of the day.

I thought I could achieve something personally. Yes, it wasn't wrong, but I realized that I could do more and my abilities. There were too many shades of gray in my life. Now everything is so much

clearer, in black or white.

I don't think anyone will use the word impossible after this training. I made a difference with Entrepreneurship Warrior, and now I set out as a graduate to make a difference.

Thanks to everyone who contributed.


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