ESRA TUNÇ - Girişim Savaşçısı







Industrial Engineer


As a graduate of Enterprise Warrior, I am excited to move on to the next phase of my life. During my two-stage education process, I had the opportunity to discover my own life purpose and learned to produce projects towards this purpose.

During the boot camp phase, I learned the basic principles, skills and strategies of the entrepreneurial world. At the same time, I discovered my life purpose through practical training to improve teamwork and leadership skills.

During the master union phase, I participated in an intense working process to develop the life purpose I had determined and projects for this purpose. By combining my personal values and goals, I pursued my passion and vision to make a difference in the field of entrepreneurship. I further developed competencies such as analyzing my business ideas, preparing a business plan, developing marketing strategies, financial management and risk management.

Thanks to the startup warrior, I have undergone a huge transformation personally and professionally. In this process where I discovered my own strength, creativity and limits, I strengthened my belief in overcoming difficulties and producing innovative solutions.

I will cntinue my journey to success by bringing what I have learned, my experiences and the projects I have created to the business world.