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Eylül Kantürk






Chemical Engineer


My meeting with Entrepreneurship Warrior coincided with a period when I set out to make the most critical and radical decisions in my life, to realize myself, and to discover what I could benefit from in life, and it quickly turned into an experience that I can call “the turning point of my life".

First of all, I would like to point out that Entrepreneurship Warrior is much more than a training that allows you to start your business. Unlike other trainings that require basic knowledge about entrepreneurship and having business ideas, it differs from others in that we learn together and discover ourselves in an environment where everyone is equal and diverse, regardless of what you do or your titles. I can easily say that; As an engineer working in corporate life, compared to my limited and superficial knowledge about entrepreneurship and starting a business when I started my orientation training, the difference between the knowledge and awareness I have at the end of the master union is much greater than I expected.

Bu programla, farklı disiplinlerden, kendi imkanlarınızla erişmenizin çok güç olduğu mentor ve uzmanların da desteğiyle, hayatın her alanında kullanabileceğiniz nitelikli bilgiye sahip olup, kendinizi, yeteneklerinizi ve hayat amacınızı keşfedip, bu amaç doğrultusunda fark yaratacak iş fikirlerinizi hayata geçirecek metod ve stratejileri kavrayıp uygulama yetkinliğini kazanarak gerçek gücünüzü ortaya çıkaracaksınız.

It is undoubtedly not an easy process. You have to test your mental and physical endurance over and over again and get back up each time. However, you can be sure that when you see what you can achieve at the end of the process, you begin to specialize in dealing with difficulties. I think this is one of the biggest gains an entrepreneur gets from this program. We hear a lot of motivational speeches revolving around the phrase “never give up”, we know it is true, but when you experience it and prove it to yourself, you will continue to exist as a stronger individual.

Beyond these technical achievements, what makes Entrepreneurship Warrior unique is the indescribable sense of unity that occurs as a result of people with similar goals and values coming together. If you complete the master's degree, you can make permanent friends in an organization where you can receive lifelong support, and with the support of this organization, you can get technical and emotional support to get your business back on its feet.

Entrepreneurship Warrior is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. If you are even a little excited while reading these, you are in the right place. Hoping to make a difference together.