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Fatma Çiçek Sabuncu






Map Technician / Real Estate Consultant


“The people who can change the world are those who are crazy enough to believe it." Steve Jobs

I saw this program on Instagram one evening. He caught my attention, he had crucial questions.

In the world we live in, people have to work to continue their lives, yes, but while working, they want to spend time with their family and loved ones, they want to be rewarded for all the years of work, and most importantly, they want their living standards to be good.

I am a person who loves to work. I was in the construction industry. I was always in a rush. When I took a break from my working life for a while to raise my children and returned to my working life, I started working in a different sector. I was working but I’m not happy. It seemed like something was missing. I couldn’t find out what it was either. This wasn’t the life I wanted, I wanted a hand to help me. That’s when I met the “Entrepreneurship Warrior". I’m glad my paths crossed. This was a journey of self-discovery for me. We should also not forget the esteemed mentors I have seen.

We had a lot of training and homework during our journey. Sometimes it was not easy to complete these assignments while going about our normal lives and working hard. But I can tell you this much; A person can stay awake without sleeping, work and make important decisions without being distracted. I learned this in the training we received.

Indeed, Entrepreneurial Warrior training was a challenging experience, but it was also an enjoyable journey full of adventures for me. I learned not to give up and to survive no matter how difficult and difficult the conditions are. This situation was also noticed by those around me. Now I stand taller in my life, I am more determined, I am taking firm steps forward. There is no such thing as giving up or taking the easy way out for me.

Now I am a graduate and life will continue to be an endless journey full of adventure for me.