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Hande Sayın






Designer and Book Translator


When the Entrepreneurship Warrior logo first caught my eye, I knew it would activate the eternal warrior within me and I applied immediately. From the first hours of my education, I found myself in a magnificent experience that made me realize in the most striking way why I achieved what I had achieved so far and why I could not achieve what I could not achieve, that multiplied and deepened me, and where what I received in return for what I gave was multiplied. During this process, I felt that I had become creative and strong enough to blend knowledge and wisdom and transform values that cannot be bought with money into products that create added value. Moreover, I was no longer afraid of failure, because I knew how to get up.

Being an Entrepreneurship Warrior graduate is most meaningful and special to me in this respect: I met wonderful people, just like me, who have the determination to change what they do not like, who are not focused only on individual goals, who question and take action, and who are dedicated to a meaningful path in the rush to add meaning to the universe they live in. We are a big-hearted club that believes in the power of transforming itself and the universe, and whose journey extends to infinity. And I am wholeheartedly proud of each of my friends who have gone through the same struggles and enriched my life with the different meanings they created. It’s exciting to be a part of this.