İrem Nur Günel - Girişim Savaşçısı

İrem Nur Günel






Industrial Engineering


I went through a lot of changes with my venture warrior training. The reason for this was that I met the self that I thought I knew in this training. In my adventure that started with adaptation training, I first gained a lot of theoretical knowledge on many subjects, and I realized that this training would be one of the most different experiences I will have in my whole life. In the boot camp, on the other hand, I discovered myself through various practices, met myself again, proved to myself that I had the courage and self-sacrifice to do everything I said I wouldn’t do. The process I went through in the master union was so different and special that I can’t express it with words. The story, experiences, and personality of each person I met during all these processes shaped my life as well. More than just shaping my life, it has given me great friendships. At the end of all these stages, I learned how to develop the work I want to do, how to deal with difficulties, uncertainties, and difficult conditions. It was a unique education that will accompany me throughout my life.