İsmail Cem Şahin - Girişim Savaşçısı

İsmail Cem Şahin






Computer Engineer


When the training process began, I had the chance to get away from the ordinary and discover a new aspect of my life. At the beginning, while I was trying to understand what this education meant to me, my excitement and curiosity dragged me into an adventure. I felt that this training was a turning point for me to break away from the routine of life, learn something new, improve myself and discover my potential.

This training was not only limited to knowledge transfer, but also opened the doors to a difficult journey. It turned into an arena where my courage and determination were tested to push my limits and get to know myself again. In the first steps of the training process, I found myself on a battlefield full of struggles to overcome my own limits.

On this battlefield, I learned that giving up means losing. I realized that in order to progress, it is necessary to struggle, overcome difficulties and constantly improve myself. This training gave me the key to achieving my dreams and goals. I realized that every difficulty is an opportunity, every obstacle is a path to success.

During this training process, in addition to gaining new knowledge, my self-confidence and self-esteem also increased. I discovered the strength within me to overcome difficulties and strengthened my belief in myself. On this battlefield, I learned from my failures as well as my successes and grew from each experience.

Ultimately, this educational opportunity was a turning point for me. By getting out of the ordinary, I had the chance to discover and develop myself. I learned that winning on this battlefield is based not only on knowledge, but also on inner strength and constant struggle. I will not give up to achieve my dreams and I am ready to face every challenge. This education equipped me with a new life perspective and helped me look to my future with hope.