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“An education that radically changes the human code.”

“The #hashtags describing the Entrepreneurship Warrior program are very clear to me. No need to say more:”

Multi-disciplinary perspective, Knowledge! Information! Information! Discovery of human limits. Purpose-driven entrepreneurship. Purpose of life. Challenge with manifesto. Continental entrepreneurship ready for physical and mental endurance. Values are our everything. Wise leadership. Making decisions in chaos. Try it fast. Mistake fast. Fix it fast. Run fast. Hack yourself. Never give up! I am the master of my destiny! Notice. Do your thing. Make a Difference.

“I enjoyed every moment of it. It hasn't been easy. We didn't give up. We did not give up. We got angry and laughed. New people became my family, we fought together. “I would like to thank Berke Sarpaş, who created the Entrepreneurship Warrior, for waking me up and our coach Özgül Sokullu, who develops us and pushes us to be better every day.”

“I realized it, I did what was necessary in training, I will fight every minute to make a difference.”