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Nur Şafak Ügümlü






Physical Education and Sports Teacher


The Venture Warrior is the place where the paths of a group of rainbow-colored people come together who have the courage to ask themselves and those around them the right questions. At the point where I have come after the questions I have asked, at the point where it is time to take action, to create a new value with a new me, instead of asking a new question with the knowledge, skills and experience I have gained so far, with the interdisciplinary training content that I need, the venture warrior helped me with my business idea. I was able to look at it from a different perspective. While getting all the detailed information and experience we need for entrepreneurship from mentors and consultants who are experts in their fields, I was able to shape my business idea, which came out of my own life purpose, together with the coaches who supported it. This process that we spent together with people who shared the same pain as me during the painful process I lived, turned into friendships in which we spoke the same language. I can say that the experience I had at the end of the challenging but fun days combined with the sense of belonging. By joining the Venture Warrior family, we continue to touch each other's lives with different people with the same point of view and continue on our way. Knowing that our point of view on life is a never-ending process; knowing that we should enjoy the journey, not the point we arrive at…