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Nurgül Mete






Industrial Designer


It is an interdisciplinary program that gives you a new perspective on entrepreneurship with a 360-degree perspective, helps you find your true passion by taking you on a journey of self-discovery, reveals your business idea that is based on your passion and aims for social benefit, and guides you to get your business idea on its feet.

Entrepreneurship is actually a very long marathon. In this marathon, it is very normal to sometimes run, sometimes walk, and sometimes rest. In this marathon, you may stumble and fall, you may get tired and rest. It’s just your journey. Whatever your initiative or idea is, when you combine it with your own passion and continue your journey, you discover the driving force within you and take action. At the end of the day, what keeps you going in the marathon is the desire to follow this passion you discovered.

In addition to the brand new friendships and friendships made throughout the training, when you successfully graduate from all stages and join the entrepreneurial warrior family, you are now included in an ecosystem consisting of people with whom you can talk about your projects freely, who do not judge your ideas and even support and contribute to their development, and with whom you can speak the same language with a common enthusiasm.