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Ömer Demir






IT Software Specialist


Big things start with small steps!

I have always encountered a solution at turning points in my life. During this period, I came across the Entrepreneurship Warrior. In fact, although I had been aware of it for about seven years, I never found the opportunity. One day, I came across a program on the radio in which Berke Sarpaş participated. A sentence made by Mr. Berke in the program first led me to buy his book and then to be involved in all the processes continuously. In that sentence, “Everyone somehow takes initiative and does something, but they waste a lot of time. “Here, we give them the experience they will gain in 10 years in pill form and eliminate the loss of that time," he said. That's where my adventure started.

Even though I have been an entrepreneur for 24 years, there are so many values that I have added to my life and will add to my work here that it is difficult to explain. It has to be experienced. I'm not the same person I was three months ago anymore. My mental toughness has peaked. I received everything that was promised to me, one by one. It's like I was reborn as someone else. Now I make every second count. I took my understanding of time to the top.

Orientation training was an introduction. Finding our life purpose in the boot camp, writing our manifesto and creating our brand story took us to such a place that many of our friends in the boot camp said, “I've got what I need, that's enough." But I always wondered what happened next.

I attended the master union training a week later without any break. As I followed the instructions given by Özgül Sokullu and Berke Sarpaş without questioning, it was incredible to continue seeing why and for what everything was in the next step. They told me not to miss life, and I won't miss it either. Without giving up control, I will carry this to our country and then to the world with the brand “TamKotrol".

A person's true self, that is, his identity, is formed, as they say, until about the age of seven. As we get older, we actually move away from ourselves. In this process, I got closer to myself. Now I know my shortcomings and my surpluses. I remembered the real me. From now on, I will look at my life and my initiatives from this perspective.

Most importantly, the friends and family I met on this adventure. A page has opened in my life that I will see for a lifetime. First of all, I would like to thank our instructors, mentors and everyone I met on this journey. I'm glad I met you. I'm glad I'm here.