ÖZGECAN ARDIÇ - Girişim Savaşçısı







Fashion designer


I have never been a person who conforms to norms in my life. I've always been drawn to what's different. While I was in complete chaos with dozens of projects on my mind, I realized that I needed help that would shake me out of my comfort zone and give me clarity on the basis of my project. Coincidentally, I saw the Entrepreneurship Warrior advertisements. Normally I would have a negative bias towards whatever was advertised. However, a few different things stood out in the GIS. Even though my mind demotivated me, I listened to my heart and applied.

Has it been an easy six weeks for me? No way! It wasn't easy, but I saw that I could do whatever I thought I couldn't do. When I completed the entire training and implementation process, I realized that; My paradigm had changed and a new me was formed.

It would be a great understatement and injustice to say that this training and practice concept is only related to entrepreneurship. I can say with peace of mind; The GIS concept is a set of systems that restructures the person in every aspect with an understanding beyond the norms.