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Petek Erdem






Public Relations


If you are one of those who say that I will work peacefully and happily in a company all my life, then retire from there, I wish you a lifetime of success. However, if you think that you are different, want to make a difference and cannot find out how to reveal your abilities, features and dreams with your own mind map, this program is for you. When the program is over, you find that many things in your life have changed positively, including finding your life purpose. And the good part is that unlike most programs you attend, the change is permanent, not short-lived. For example, the sentence “I can't do this" disappears from your life, you break your own glass ceilings one by one. In the Venture Warrior program, you are fighting your own battle, and your opponent is only yourself. In fact, you kind of embody how strong you are. You meet new people, and the friendships you establish based on solidarity and support in a short time become permanent. As a matter of fact, if you believe you have a warrior spirit and you think you have the potential to change things, the Venture Warrior program is for you.