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My awareness has increased thanks to both theoretical and practical trainings. The information we gathered from the mentors we interviewed in multidisciplinary fields added invaluable value.

“Before applying to GİS, I left the sector in which I had 7 years of professional experience because I felt that my freedom was restricted. During this process, I learned the methods of earning income online and I was able to earn income more freely. However, when I realized that the numbers I saw in the bank account did not make sense, I started to search for a meaning. At this point, I applied for the Entrepreneurial Warrior training with the advice of a friend. I never thought that a military discipline could be combined with entrepreneurship in this way. From the first day I started training, I experienced the simulation of real life and saw that I could do everything I thought I could never do. Most importantly, I realized my own potential. My awareness has increased thanks to both theoretical and practical training. The information we gained from the mentors we met in multidisciplinary fields was invaluable. As John Lennon said, ‘Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.’ Thanks to GİS, I learned that when knowledge and the courage to change come together, every obstacle can be overcome. Now is the time to make a difference…"