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Life is unique and there is no guarantee of its repetition!..

Every day is a new beginning and a new learning process…

Enterprise Warrior; It is a great training where you can gain an interdisciplinary idea about Entrepreneurship with the sensitivity of a parent, where you know that you have to get up and start again when you fall, where you are provided with the equipment you need to stand on your own feet, but where you make your own decisions.

I decided to start this training with interesting questions in a survey. When I saw the determination and admirable knowledge of a coach who had not yet found what he was looking for during the adaptation process, but still made an effort for this goal and continued his endless energy until late hours, I decided to take it and do everything I could to go to the end.

As someone who has lived different careers in business life for 20 years and turned his hobby into a profession when necessary, I was someone who had finally achieved his goals and was looking for new goals. It didn't take long for me to decide to be promoted to housewife and realize that it wasn't right for me.

When I realized my own needs, I fell into the gap of what to do now, and this gap caused me to come up with ideas for jobs that would make a difference and contribute to people and nature. Entrepreneurship Warrior appeared in the middle of a great indecision where I didn't know where to start…

I was ready to turn a brand new page, I needed to find like-minded people and come together with the right teams. One person cannot do everything… There is strength in unity… I believe in all of my projects, and the excitement of being with a team that will help me take the right moves for this takes my breath away.

It was more than training… It was an experience far beyond the promises… I would like to thank my teammates, who are wonderful people and with whom we always support each other, our mentors and advisors who improved our perspective with their valuable knowledge, and of course my guiding coaches Berke Sarpaş and Özgül Sokullu.