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I joined after the Adaptation Training, and then the Entrepreneurial Warrior Training, which I completed with the Master Corps, created radical changes in my life from the very beginning. First of all, I understood the critical importance of planning my weeks, days, hours and even minutes due to the intense and full schedule content. Although “Fighting with uncertainty" is one of the most challenging points for me due to my intolerance of unplannedness in life, I had the opportunity to improve myself a lot in this regard.

The Entrepreneurship Warrior Program enabled me to gain insight into subjects that I had no knowledge of in theoretical training and to know “something about everything". Physical training was a process that seemed scary for me, but ultimately made me realize my potential in this field. Seeing myself achieve things I never believed I could achieve and go beyond the limits of my own potential has motivated me greatly. Additionally, in a very short time, we developed friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime.

After the Entrepreneurship Warrior Program, I am sure that I will never start any business in my life thinking “I wonder if I can do it?" I would like to thank the coaches, mentors, all the instructors and all my squad mates.