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My purpose in coming was to start my own business and advance in my position. When I received the training, I saw that more was given. I have seen very few places where practical training is given to reinforce the theoretical training. I always had entrepreneurial ideas. However, I didn’t know how to implement this, how to plan, or what other equipment I should have. I have seen what I want to do done time and time again by others in other places. Along with the boot camp, I had 30 other beautiful friends around me who thought like me and whom I looked at from the same window. It was hard..And we found it was easy when we became a team. I have been working in corporate companies for 15 years and I have received an education that is incomparable to the countless trainings I have received. I was receiving the most special education I had ever received. From now on, imagine that there is a union of masters. What more could be given? The team has now become much more important in the master union. They used to say entrepreneurship is a team work, I didn’t believe it. So you have a great idea, what need is there for a team? I would say the software takes care of everything. Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that. In a movie; “Two things are very important; “One is the Homeland and the other is the man next to him," he said. Together with your team, you become capable of taking on even the most difficult job in the world. Berke Sarpaş has woven this program step by step. Which training is given and why is each taken into account. He thought of all the equipment an entrepreneur should have. When I lost my belief in what I could do, he was one of my biggest supporters in regaining my belief. Our Training Coach Özgül Sokullu; Your rights will not be paid. You provided unprecedented training with great patience. I am grateful to you for the support you give to our projects that make a difference. I learned a lot from each of my teammates. Each of them is a life story to read. Thank you all endlessly for the values you added to my life. It was finished at the end of the toughest hours, with a team that sacrificed many things and maintained discipline. In the end, you admire your changed self, even though there are tears of pride and joy. Being an Entrepreneurship Warrior is a privilege, it means making a difference, it is the volcano erupting inside you, it means waking up in the middle of the night and saying I can do this, acting by thinking about your team, thinking about the benefit for everyone.