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Veysel Koç







“The future belongs to those who can make a difference and show the difference."

Most of my life was spent in education. Throughout my life, throughout my years at university, graduate school, various seminars, conferences, courses and programs, I have always been in search. It was during such a search phase that I became acquainted with the Entrepreneurship Warrior program. I had some rough information about the program, but I did not have in-depth knowledge and was hoping that the program was not the same as other programs. As soon as the program starts, everything in your life suddenly turns 180 degrees upside down. In fact, you realize that many of the things you thought were right were wrong, and the things you did because they were right were wrong, and it is not a very wise thing to wait for something to go right in your life amid all these mistakes! Participants in the program have more or less similar stories. Classical methods and teachings can take you only so far. If you want to go beyond where you are and exceed your limits, you need to go beyond the ordinary and the normal. Some things a person cannot achieve alone, and even if he does, it will cost you a very long time and you will have to pay a very high price. One of the biggest contributions of the program is seeing the importance of being a team and what people can do and achieve with a team and that there are no limits. The program is full of a unique experience from start to finish and I have no doubt that it will add many things to your life that you have never had before. You will no longer think the same way, you will not look the same way, you will not feel the same way.

After participating in the startup warrior program and seeing and understanding that the program was different from others, my first goal was to focus on the program and finish it successfully. One of the biggest problems of today's people is concentrating and focusing on a task. I had the same problems. With the techniques taught by the entrepreneurial warrior program, I can stay in the moment and focus on my work. Another problem is the state of indecision; When I was undecided about something in my daily life, I usually preferred not to do it. The most basic thing we were taught in the GİS program was to do the job in case of indecision and doubt. Throughout the program, we received training from mentors and participants from many branches of science and discipline. The knowledge and skills in different disciplines enabled us to look at the problems we encounter from different perspectives and develop quick solutions.

When I first started the entrepreneurial warrior program, I didn't even know who I was, let alone the business idea. The most important thing I learned in the program is “those who cannot control themselves cannot control anything."

I am honored to be a part of such a team that offers us this unique experience and changes our perspective on the world and life. What happened cannot be explained! It is an organization that everyone who has the opportunity and opportunity should experience. Endless thanks to the entire initiative team. Follow your dreams and never give up! Every moment of my entrepreneurial warrior program was filled with invaluable experiences and teachings. I would like to thank the Creator of the program, Mr. Berke Sarpaş, our Education Coach, Mr. Özgül Sokullu, my GİS-A11 and GİS-U5 teammates, and my precious wife and my only son, who never supported me during this difficult process. The future is hidden in small details, and only those who can notice these small details will be noticed in the future.

They will be able to create.