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Yakup Yıldız






Agricultural Engineer


Take action for change…

My perspective on life changed the day I realized that a traditional lifestyle is a deception to keep a person out of their comfort zone. I started to think that in this world, where hundreds of thousands of people pass by every day, it should have a purpose and act in line with this purpose. That's why I dedicate myself to personal development…

I tried to get information from many different sources, especially about entrepreneurship. And one day our paths crossed with the Venture Warriors. At the beginning, I could not even imagine that an education that I entered by thinking I could change my life so much. You ask why? In this training, not only the word meaning of entrepreneurship is given. This is an interdisciplinary education. Entrepreneurship should be the cornerstone of every right person, this is training that can develop projects that will leave a mark, not just earning money, that can touch many different people and bring them together in line with a purpose. It is given by coaches and mentors, and they share their experiences gained over many years as information. Now I would like to share an experience. No prayer, wish or knowledge works without action. So, realize, learn, determine your life purpose, write your manifesto, absorb it, take action…