Zeynep Bengü Gülgönen - Girişim Savaşçısı

Zeynep Bengü Gülgönen






Chemical Engineer


Forget conventional entrepreneurship teachings! You will be challenged to the highest levels of your mental and physical endurance by going through a world-class training process designed with innovative approaches, you will be equipped with all the necessary information in the ‘Adaptation’ process, you will find your life purpose in the ‘Novice’ process and you will create your business based on your life purpose together with the ‘Master Association’. and a wonderful interdisciplinary education that you initiate and are supported by expert Mentors and Consultants in all these processes. During this training process, as a part of a team that never gives up or gives up, you experience doing what is necessary with teamwork, both in theoretical training and in the field, within a limited time and under stress, and achieving results by taking timely action and managing the process in the best way, sometimes inspiring your teammates, sometimes improving your analysis skills. You push yourself, develop brand new strategies, and experience the best version of yourself that you can be. It is a real privilege to graduate from the world’s first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship training. When I successfully graduated from this program, as a result of theoretical training on dozens of applied knowledge in a limited time, under high tension, and physical activities that tested our physical endurance with SAT and SAS commandos in the field, pushing our limits, it is truly accredited that everyone around me defines me as a successful warrior. It happened. Thank you Berke Koç, thank you Özgül Koç for coaching us as we create the best version of ourselves.