Zeynep Hazal Soyan - Girişim Savaşçısı

Zeynep Hazal Soyan






Industrial Engineer


Entrepreneurship Warrior is not just an education, it is a transformation journey. First, we create a solid foundation with theoretical education that covers a wide range of issues we may encounter both in life and in the business start-up phase, and which constantly renews itself with the knowledge of years of experience and the developing society / technology. Then, we process and internalize what we have learned into the real world context with hundreds of applications. Each practice strengthens our ability to meet every challenge we face, increasing our confidence in our own abilities. In this way, I can now approach every new goal / problem I encounter with more courage and self-confidence.

Entrepreneurship Warrior is also a program in which everyone experiences their own special adventure, even though it seems common. The different perspectives of the coaches and other participants make the direction of each of us towards our life purpose more colorful. I strengthened my business idea with these valuable contributions in each iteration. It's been noticed, now it's time to make a difference.