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Burak Kayıkçıoğlu







It was a torment for me to think of leading a life as a guinea pig. When I realized that I couldn’t achieve what I wanted by trial-error methods, I believed that I had ignited the wick by clicking on the website I came across in the search engine as a beginning of the maturity of my entrepreneurial personality that I had developed since my childhood with the concept of family, and of my actions that would deliver the desired result to me. Don’t be intimidated by its being physically and mentally challenging because the goal means to know that there is always one beyond that to achieve and to put your ideas in paper in an orderly fashion with the self-confidence brought by this achievement. You have been told what to do all your life and have had many people determining your future more or less. Yes, maybe it is a bliss for some to cut corners, but if you dream of becoming a successful person who carries all attributes of a successful person and constantly improves them, immediately move away from that comfort zone and come to this program where your ideas are not unworthy; It is not difficult at all in this formation to communicate your dream freely and in a logical fashion, have that immense value you gain from team spirit and, what’s most important for me, to find answers to how to learn about matters we don’t know and have no idea about and to how we can move it to the top level.
It is an unmissable opportunity to say, ‘now negativities around me will not stop me, I will get several expert opinions when I need support, I will not give up no matter what, and most importantly, I will do the job I love and thus add value to the humanity.’ I can sincerely and frankly say that this formation, with the influence it will have on you after graduation, cannot be assessed by any measure. Do not postpone your dreams to tomorrow because today is ‘the first day of the rest of your days.’