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I have taken several trainings and participated in several seminars and conferences so far. I can say this with an open heart; if you are in the Entrepreneurial Warrior program, you will forget about the trainings you have taken until that day! I owe thanks to first our dear coach Berke Sarpas and his entire team that taught me how to start a business from scratch and expand it in a short time while I was still a college student. I got to know myself more closely during the training and clarified what I really wanted and what I expected.” Besides all, I became a part of a large family I will always walk side by side with and feel the support of.  It is this training that cleared my way not to enjoy my work, but to turn things I enjoy into my work and taught me the key point, i.e. “How”. Finally, If you are still reading this page, do something for yourself. Fill the application form and participate in the program. Why? Because I can’t say enough if I filled pages with the things we experienced during the program. You will have difficulty, try to understand and describe, and even maybe, you will not be understood, but, believe me, you will be grateful when you complete it!