EBRU BAYRAKTAR - Girişim Savaşçısı








Too vague, too vague, frightening…It is a program that looked weird from the moment I saw it and made me think whether or not I should attend. I must confess that this program was very far from being a training that I wanted to take and where I would just comfortably sit in a classroom and wait for someone to explain us something for hours. From the very first moment, I began to think where the heck I ended up. Above all, it was not for a person like me who begins to prepare her luggage two weeks before a trip and is obsessed with planning. But at the end, especially after graduation, I say I am glad that I participated. This training, in a manner, took me back to my college years; I remembered to push my limits again. The trainings made me sweat and made it easier for me to act in real life. I ended up doing things I used to say, ‘Am I to do this, too?’. Now I know what I want and what I am capable of better. At the end of this training  your thoughts will no longer be thoughts only; you put them into practice, which, to me, is the best part. Also, I am very happy that it gave the chance to meet many new people. Let’s remember; life is not a battle, but a dance in harmony! Instead of fighting against what life throws at us, we must learn how to dance with them in harmony.