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If you have wrestled with professional life for a long time, stress and work pace feel like stagnant. You find yourself in a cliché system questioning your goals. Everything you do begins to feel dull and monotonous. Go to work on Monday, long for Friday and weekend to rest; and your weeks begin to chase each other Those whose entire life has been a hustle know very well that you always work focused on goals. First finish school, then get a job, then get a promotion, etc.; and you don’t realize how your life has passed so quickly. At a point where I started questioning if that’s what I had really wanted to do and thought I should try something different, I joined the Entrepreneurial Warrior program. Interestingly, it shook me to the core about my priorities in life. It made me find the old me in her 20’s who pursued her dreams and knew the purpose of life very well. It reminded me to laugh, enjoy learning new things and bustle about with excitement.
This is a very special program that flashes before your eyes your first-hand experiences at a point where the experienced professionals laugh up their sleeve when new beginners in professional life question what the use of many practices is.
You will be astounded with the intensity and rigor of the program.
With this program, those who are used to working in a certain order shall gain a completely different perspective and it is an incredible program that is not monotonous, makes you have a taste of team spirit and challenges you.
A dip note: If you decide to take this training prepare your family and friends in advance. They must consider that you have gone to a long vacation and are completely unreachable during the entire training. Because they will not be able to reach you during the training. Don’t be afraid; you are not alone; you will move into a different dimension with your other crazy team friends…Buckle up and start!