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Many people do not question their life out of the rush and imposed responsibilities. Since they do not know themselves in their career and capabilities, they are not in right places or positions. Their courage, perception or awareness have gone blind. It has become a tradition to be content with what is available. The ENTREWAR Training has been built from its first moment to the last in a way to put every deep corner of your mind in motion. It is incomparably special and result-oriented to other trainings you have participated in before. It is a great feeling to go through a change from top to bottom from the qualities you think you have to your perspective and even the sentences you utter. After this enjoyable training in which you will slowly feel the self-confidence you have always wanted to have and looked for outside and discover yourself, your environment, work, vision of life, values and thoughts you thought would never change will change shape. You will have a different air in your posture in the mirror. You will realize and enjoy that life is not a battle, but a dance in harmony. I have progressed with success for over 10 years in international insurance companies in positions starting from field sales to regional director. I have taken numerous trainings from trainers renown in Turkey and internationally. I realized the value of the knowledge shared in the trainings I have given in the last three years of career. I realized, but I couldn’t take action for some reason. This is when I participated in the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program. I discovered my most powerful quality based on the directions given and unprecedented experiences provided by the mentors, and thus, I drew a right path for myself. Now, I continue on my career in Training and Personal Consulting. While my hunger for education that will not end with the graduate degree in Social Psychology I will start and the required  International Certification Programs continues a lifetime, I will continue to develop and share what I have learned professionally. In short, first I changed, later I began to realize, I touched my family, friends and people around me. Now I see that my life has changed. The meaning of life for me is no longer pursuing big ambitions breathlessly. It is to progress with joy and as I like, with right people at the right time and place. Now, I want it to be and it happens to be. I wish to offer my warmest gratitude and admiration from the heart to the Entrepreneurial Warrior program management team that made us live these unique and indescribable experiences. Being an Entrepreneurial Warrior is absolutely a privilege. Thank you all for your work and beautiful hearts.