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Esin Sezen Özerdem







What would you do if 26 different personalities and a team that will make you live a professional experience step into your life all of a sudden, maybe in a second? I gave myself into this completely different life among those great people in bewilderment of living such a moment for the first time. There would be experiences to live and a lot of people to gain. I was able to feel this. I said to myself, ‘Never hinder yourself; take your step and move on.’ I am glad that I took that step. I have the slightest regret. It is a perfect setting in which uncertainties that you had from the beginning to the end, trainings and practices tell you that anything cruel can happen to you in life, and which keeps the adrenaline high. You can discover that there is a different intelligence behind it. You can’t wait to see what it will make you experience more until the end. There will be times in which, each time you pass a level, you will say “Really!! Shall I do this? “. And when you overcome each challenge and task, you will be discovering your strength. But, free yourself from all of your egos when doing this. Otherwise, you can neither enjoy it nor gain anything. There will moments in which you feel you are in a movie. Could all of these be a joke ? Is someone pulling a prank on me? No, none of this is a joke! When you look around to question this, you will see that moments from real life are being taught through practices. You will say that you must see this through and must not miss any moment of it, and hold on to it further. You must hold on to it; because I am sure beyond doubt that you will have an experience that you will not regret. Because you will be having a top experience that is a must before you die. In each teaching offered to you to discover yourself, you will learn not one but few things. Try to internalize them and set the expression of ‘I can’t do it’ aside. There is nothing you cannot do, as long as you want. You could understand what I am trying to say only by living it. By joining this program, I first learned how to laugh at a difficult moment in life. I realized that I had spent my life by making it sour in the face of challenges as if it was the last moment of my life and as if everything was over and had not laughed, and that I actually had the strength not to give up and starved for laughing.  I grew strong, and now, I am looking at life from a different perspective while it is looking at me from a different perspective. Lend ear to each experience you will have in this enjoyable journey you will set out on with a very professional staff and valuable mentors. Embrace their experiences as if your own and set out on your path to gain new experiences. Never fear losing; you must lose something to gain something else and remember; you are defeated not when you lose, but when you give up.