FATMA KAYA KÖYLÜ - Girişim Savaşçısı








If you have the chance to participate in this program, of course, you need to fill the application form before achieving this chance, when you are accepted, you will first be very happy, then you will wonder; believe me, you will wonder about so many things that you will sometimes go mad, and yes, you will get the following response when you tell the people around you about the program: “Nonsense”. Unfortunately, you will even think the same sometimes. Well, I’ll be honest, not sometimes, but frequently. Maybe, you are a student or a manager, or an entrepreneur, or you want to throw away your easy life. Don’t fret though! None of us is normal and we all are rookies in this training. Great if you can get over the training with no injury. “No injury?” Believe me; I can learn it by living it. My advice; both suffer injury and avoid injury. 😉 Ahh, a hint for you: Forget about everyone in your life during the training. If you say you can’t, it is your choice. Believe me; it is your choice. You may finish it with a few results. You will become an entrepreneur; or call it a nonsense and go back to your old life; or realize that entrepreneurship is not for you, but, I know that not everyone will become an entrepreneur. Me? I am Fatos. A.k.a. nut weevil. I am one of you who has wanted to be writer since childhood, loves producing advertisement ideas, and is educated. While providing content services to the brands or content consulting to them, I also act as a solution partner to the agencies. Our goal is to change the hollow, careless content world in Turkey.