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Furkan Şerbetçi







Throughout our lives, we are constantly struggling with some challenges, but we do not know the fact that we give our struggle for what purpose. What purpose do we live for? How much the meaning of our struggle can reflect our life goal?  Do we realize how important each breath we take? How well do we know our enemy we have always fought? How well do we know ourselves? Are we aware of our strength and power?

I would never ask myself these questions before joining the Enterprise Warrior program; I could not spend the time to answer for thinking that the answers to these questions are very absolute even if I asked.

Now, these questions I know these answers want to ask myself again and again every day and remind me of the answers. I understood through this program how can I entrust myself to my team with my eyes closed; How I can accomplish together everything that seems impossible; I can get together the greatest pleasure from a single roasted chickpea. I learned that Entrepreneurial philosophy is much more than a business, that this philosophy is to live in a meaningful way by looking at the life from the awareness glasses and accepting all the energy in the environment and by managing that energy in line with your goals, dreams, principles and values. Although I tell my feelings and experiences about this program with the encyclopedias, I do not think that anyone out of my teammates cannot understand me.

I had many stories to tell about my children and grandchildren for eight weeks, therefore thank you Berke Sarpas and all mentor and owe thanks for a lifetime.