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Güntaç Boran Cevizci







The Entrepreneurial Warrior is one of the best things I have experienced in my life. I feel like an individual more mature and knowing what to do after this training program. I realized how I wasted my life doing nothing. I realized that I was able to do the actions I avoided by saying, ‘I am lazy, can’t do it or I am having difficulty’ actually very easily. I realized that mental resilience was more important than physical resilience. I feel stronger and more conscious after the training. We had so many memories in a few weeks’ time that I feel as if I had known everyone in the team for years. 26+1 people that I can ask for help have entered my life now. I have gained not only knowledge, experience and awareness from here, but also friends. I thought about how the practices in the Entrepreneurial Warrior training programs would contribute to me and help me in the future. This thought helped me focus more on the practice and force myself to gain something from it. We may not make sense of things all the time ; and I learned that, when this happens, it would contribute to me more if I ask ‘why’ instead of calling them ‘nonsense’. I learned that no one could harm the self unless you allowed it and that I must fight against challenges with determination and stability, as well as the importance of giving it up. The classes in this training program were absolutely different than the classes I had had in my education. I have never had so much fun and learned so many things in such a short time in any training before. It is another good thing about the Entrepreneurial Warrior program that it is not limited only to six weeks and will continue a lifetime. I was feeling really sorry at the sixth week that it was going to end, but the information the coach gave us about the next processes gave me a relief. One of the feelings I felt when I completed the Entrepreneurial Warrior program was resilience. I now see myself as a more resilient individual. This training program does not only help us establish a business and become entrepreneurs, but also helps us live more easily for the rest of our lives. Another thing that made me happy in this program is that I had this experience at the age of 22. In future years, I would have said that I wish I had seen and participated in this program when I was younger. Because I will begin to use what I have gained from this program starting from the age of 22.