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Halil Çakır







This program which the enterprise warriors offer us is the journey to fully explore self, mind, knowledge, consciousness. For me,  the previous Halil and the present Halil like the photos of the fat man and the weak man taken at the beginning and end of the slimming programs.

Before joining the program, according to me, the time was a concept that we re-live every day, consumed blatantly and poorly. After the program I can use the time efficiently and effectively as I want it, everything I need, I can fit into a day, the concept of I do not have the time does not for me. I can live without sleep.

Boundaries are illusions. I discovered that the limit of what I can do is just what I put myself in and again that I can only remove myself when I learned how to control it, what is hidden in my consciousness.

I saw what the purpose of my life was, how I could reach that purpose, my pleasure and then there was no situation we could not come with a good team,

If my achievements start to write here after this long training program I told shortly, I do not think I can stop, therefore, shortly and briefly, Now, there is a new Halil that recognizes himself, knows his time, mind, brain, consciousness, technical knowledge, theoretical knowledge, practical applications well and that knows people and the human brain well and also that never gives up, all of them thanks to the enterprise warrior…

Getting together is a start, staying together is progress and working together is a success..

Henry Ford.