HAZAL EVECEN - Girişim Savaşçısı








Thanks to the Entrepreneurial Warrior training, I live through quite large-scale changes in a short time. In the adaptation stage, I gained intensive theoretical knowledge from different disciplines. I found out my mission in life through countless practices in the boot camp. The day I adverted my mission in life, I had the impression that I wasn't going to live the rest of my life the same way. Thus, each step taken in Master Union confirmed my impression. The perspectives of different mentors from various fields of specialization, the extensive experiences of training coaches and extraordinary physical practices took me to a whole new level. My faith in myself has been freshened. I created my own project in accordance with my mission in life. I have acquired information and methods extracted from different fields that will allow me to process this project step by step. The Entrepreneurial Warrior training was as challenging as it was informative. The most important criterion for completing the practices, especially in the master union, was to be able to push the limits. In this way, we have established very strong relations and friendships with our teammates, with whom we fight side by side for the same goals. The Entrepreneurial Warrior was a self-enclosed training as well as the full complement it brought on business development. Thanks to the ability to develop emotional flexibility and mental endurance, It was a revolution created in the inner world of the human being.