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Invictus Birliği


We see many people on TV, in the books we read or around us every day who inspire us. They all remind us of the fact that there is a possibility even in what is impossible, and that, as Picasso said, everything we can dream of is real. This vision takes you to an immense world of imagination. And you also aspire to create projects that will influence the world like those people and touch people’s hearts. We may be spending years just by imagining and with thoughts and aspirations. We think too much that we forget what has brought us here; that is being capable of doing everything we can imagine. In “The Devil within Us”, Sabahattin Ali says, “… I always ask myself; What connects me here?” . I think what connects us here is our passions. That’s why we really live and are here when we have the courage to pursue our desires and passions. This program made me gain this courage even starting from the first weeks. I saw a path unfolding before me. Then, I realized that I needed to walk on this path. What did to walk mean? It meant to make effort and work hard! It meant to work hard and never give up! I began to walk on this path with a lot of technical capabilities. I remember a man in military uniform yelling and me crawling at the same time on a morning after a sleepless night. I must admit that I had difficulty. But, this experience taught me to be in a team that would help me when I have difficulty! When I got back on it, I had created a stronger Ilknur than the one before. When I look back at it now, I understand that it was the pains of maturing, growing. And I want to wake up every day with this sweet pain also after this program. We start everyday with an empty canvas. You can leave this canvas empty and pursue things that will not make you happy – with the excuse of salvaging the day. Safely toward where others go…swaying in full sense instead of living. But remember that you wake up to the gift of living every morning, and it has an end. It is an option to push this gift away. I think human is a perfectly created organism and has a meaningless life unless he/she makes himself/herself happen. Don’t you think taking each day as it comes is very selfish when everything in nature has a purpose? I think that, independently from who you are and what you can and cannot do, everyone must experience this process.
All of us can fly; as long as we believe we can do it and try to do it.
Maybe all birds can fly.
Not maybe, absolutely…
Turgut Uyar
It is a program full of intelligence and devotion that contributes a lot to a 19-year old college student, who – as the elders say – has just started his life, in terms of not only entrepreneurship, but also a principle of life. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed!