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İlyas Aslan







When I was doing a deep search on trainings to improve myself in sales and marketing, I came across the Entrepreneurial Warrior. It attracted my attention and began to look into it. At the end of hours of research and review, I thought that it was exactly the right training program I was looking for and wanted, and filled the pre-application form and sent it right away. Later, I underwent several interviews and became entitled to participate in the program. We all want to be successful in work and life, but we face  a lot of obstacles before success. If you want to learn in your success journey how to see these obstacles, never give up, be resilient and overcome any challenge without giving into it, and listen to and meet the invaluable mentors, and also get to know Berke Sarpas who does not accept no as an answer with his amazing vision, excitement and experiences and his team and later live and experience that your life will never as it used to be with amazing awareness, I recommend trying your chance to participate in the Entrepreneurial Warrior. I made 26 new friends with a big heart that had different stories, occupations, education, experiences, dreams, passions, success and failures. During that time, we overcame the obstacles and challenges we faced together by helping each other, learned to be a team and get up and move on when we fell down and withstand pain. I am operating a store in Marmaris selling souvenirs. I made about 15 thousand kilometers to and from Istanbul-Marmaris for 6 weeks to attend the Entrepreneurial Warrior training. Sometimes I was tired and sleepless, and despite many hardships, I never lost my excitement and respect for the Entrepreneurial Warrior program even for a moment and had great pleasure observing my own transformation in a positive way. I won’t be able to be as I used to be toward my work and environment even if I wanted to and nothing will be as simple as it used to be any longer.