In fact, everything started months before the start of training. I wanted something in my life. I wanted something in my life. I wanted to move; I needed a change. I was constantly reading, examining and trying to find something, but what was I looking for? Something I read was led me to another and the another to something else. I finally found the Enterprise Warrior. I do not believe in coincidences. What the man needs, the universe will bring it to face. What I needed, I found at the time I need it exactly.

Change is painful. Because pain occurs while the weakness leaves your body, it is such a feeling.I will not forget all my life that day; I felt this pain in my every cell on my second day in training and the feeling that I can not do seized me, I shared that pain with 15 people. We removed together thinking about failure from my brain and said together goodbye to weakness. I have never been part of a team in my entire life. I have learned to be a team here, to achieve something together, to trust others before yourself. If you focus only on yourself, you have only one personality team, but if you think of anyone else than yourself and if your team does it for you… That’s exactly what I felt here.

We have experienced so much during the training that I still can not believe that all of them happened within 2 months. We learned by experiencing that it expands when time is used well and every single moment in our lives is very precious. We discovered what we could actually produce in the time we normally sleep; there is not be anything when you are out of sleep, on the contrary, our body gives us extra energy when doing something we like. Besides, the concept of time was a bridge between the moment I was and the moment I wanted to be. Something was going to be done, I did not know how to do it, but I knew that I would have done whatever it is when that day and hour comes. The tolerance of uncertainty has now become a game full of surprises. Perhaps, not to know after a step but to know you will succeed whatever happens is the most beautiful of the gains I have obtained in this program.

We were grown with boundaries from the moment we were born. There were the accepted boundaries and even we put some of these borders without realizing it. Thanks to dozens of carefully crafted applications in this program, we learned that all these boundaries are illusions, in short everything is happening in our brains, in short everything we think they blocked us comes out of ourselves. We had the opportunity to see how we would proceed by changing our point of view, without excuse, without defeating the ego and blaming others, by focusing on things we will add to us instead of justifying. I can summarize all this process, “Yesterday I was smart, I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise; I am changing myself. "

Thank you so much our union friends who alleviate the pain of change and our beloved coach Berke Sarpas who does everything to bring out our potential during this training. If you cannot find a location to place your energy and not finalize your search, the Entrepreneur Warrior is waiting to tell you about you and find out what you’re looking for. Take the first step and start the change.