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I was examining the Enterprise Warrior program for a while. I enrolled at the first opportunity. While enrolling, my purpose was to contribute to my personal development, to learn what I do not know about entrepreneurship and to expand my network. Obviously, I did not have high expectations. I can say that I have had a very unusual and unexampled educational period as someone who has received much training in the pharmaceutical industry and in various sectors related to sales, and even who has managed sales teams including a company that sells coaching trainings. There are some books; You are questioned why you read that book in the first 50 or even 100 pages. Because you have difficulty in connecting to things and people, you think leaving the book. On the other hand, the writing technique and the language of the book give the idea about that it has come from the hand of a master. Finally, you come to such a point of book that the writer connects so ingeniously between events and people you can not understand that everything becomes clearer there. It turns into a book you do not want to end it for you. Here it was something like this what I experienced in the Enterprise Warrior program. I could never connect to entrepreneurship, personal development, being a team or managing a team with some issues and implementation. Then all of them were skillfully connected to each other and from that moment on, I wanted the training to take much longer that I expected to last. Thus, I had a good education period. I learned what does exactly it means to be a team, to get out of comfort area and how I can reflect it positively on my work whatever I do, to use consciously by really understanding my brain working principles in both my job and my social relations outside work and many more specialized skills during this training and I could apply this information quickly to all areas of my life. I am triumphal to know our trainers, especially Coach Berke Sarpaş and my team-mates whom I enjoy a great deal of being part of the same association, by participating in Enterprise Warrior. Thanks to all for positive contributions in my life.