Mehmet Fatih Torun - Girişim Savaşçısı

Mehmet Fatih Torun







When I first say the Entrepreneurial Warriors Program, I said I should also take this. And when I finished the program, I saw that I had made such a right decision.
This program has showed me again that being a team means 50% of the achievement toward the goal, that we should accept everyone as they are and realize our own value instead of trying to criticize and change others in order to change ourselves or live in harmony, that everyone, regardless of the age and social status, needs change and that we should not fear change and investing in ourselves.
Being an Entrepreneurial Warrior enabled me to increase my self-confidence, develop my creativity, realize my fighter side and greatly contributed to my personal development in terms of my ability to change.
It showed me with practice to trust people despite all negativities and need a good team to be a team leader, and that the secret of a good team was the motivation and the desire to move toward to the same goal.
It proved to me the team spirit and that there was nothing to stop you if you were enthusiastic and determined and that “EVERYTHING STARTS AND ENDS WITH US.”  
Thus, I want to use this opportunity to thank first Berke Sarpas, Baris Gurkan and all other Entrepreneurial Warrior mentors and facilitators who showed me myself from a different perspective and all my fellow team members in the Everest Union who showed us all the patience, love, strength and steadfastness during the entire program and made me experience the real meaning of being a team.
I am very happy for being a part of this big family and I am proud of it.