Mehmet Yılmazcan - Girişim Savaşçısı

Mehmet Yılmazcan







While participating in the Enterprise Warrior, my main goal was to make development and progress related to a few features that I’ve missed in myself, but after I attend, I realized that the question I asked at the beginning was wrong. Works I do outside of my ambitions and goals; The main problem is to learn how to make focused, passionate, and most importantly it happen right now. The question I have to ask is how should I change this situation.

While just to learn would make me quite happy at the end of this awareness, this cocoon change process spent with other warrior friends and we finished by transforming the characteristics which can look positive life and have developed at the end of the transformation.

This transformation makes you happier, more focused and more intentional as well as it eradicates defective and dogmatic deficiencies you obtained in your education and teaching life.

Finally, what I would like to say about limits and fears,

‘Limits are like fears, they are illusions only and only created by you.’