MERT CAN ELKAYA - Girişim Savaşçısı








Looking back after I completed the Entrepreneurial Warrior and the challenging marathon, the most significant change I realized I had is that I know myself better, with the training I took. I see that I am adding something more on it each passing day. Knowing yourself, to me, is the most important virtue for an entrepreneur because everyone thinks that he/she knows himself/herself, but an entrepreneur knows what he/she wants. Although it seems like a nuisance, it may seem difficult doing always what you have to do and sacrificing what you have to achieve what you want; an ordinary person may quit while climbing the mountain, reaching what he/she thinks he/she wants, but an entrepreneur knows that he/she is prepared for challenges he/she will face while reaching what he/she wants. At the end of this training I saw my limits and what I could do and sacrifice to achieve what I wanted. Sacrifices may be sacrificing from sleep during the training, academic success or so forth; but, after setting the goal as completing the training until the end, I was able to sacrifice them all. At the same time, I learned that it was easy to do all these sacrifices if you had a team good enough to not allow you to fall even when falling down from heights. At the end of the Entrepreneurial Warrior training, I am very lucky to have found my team, friends, sisters and brothers that will be by my side and not allow me to fall. The only thing I need to do now is to know what I want because it is now easier to climb that mountain.