METİN TEKİN - Girişim Savaşçısı








I was very happy when I heard that I was accepted as a result of the interview on November 2013. Until February 2014, which was the start time of the program, the time hadn’t passed. The first day was very exciting; I were to meet new people and begin to learn methods that would make me achieve my dreams; I couldn’t wait. “The rest was a mere adventure; we learned a lot of practices; we were also in the field and on the desk. We found ourselves in the middle of a battle. We didn’t know, but were living that fight to the end was more important than anything. I gained so much during the training that we were able to use many skills we hadn’t thought we could use at the beginning of the program. Our lead mentor and other mentors that supported us gave us a lot; endless thanks to them. It gives great confidence to have the names hard to even meet under normal circumstances by your side in this entrepreneurship adventure.