Murat Kaynatır - Girişim Savaşçısı

Murat Kaynatır







When I heard of the Entrepreneurial Warrior – (in short GIS in Turkish), it reminded me of the Gastrointestinal System since I am coming from the health industry and made me smile. Today, when I look back at the training we took, it makes me have a meaningful smile reflecting the positive gain and practice thanks to all the information I have digested.
To me, life appears to us as a structure that is groundbreaking and needs correct interpretations. At this point, a significant accumulation, a fighter spirit and a personality open to development and change are necessary. I believe that the ENTREWAR must be perceived as a stance, a philosophy. I can describe the Entrepreneurial Warrior as an intensive training and practice that is full of surprises, has no questions and questioning, and has only acceptance and fight with the self.
Since I have always wanted be at the heart of life and tried to perceive life as colorful and different, I can clearly say that this program attracted my attention greatly. You may first find the program strange because it is very different. But later, you will adapt and begin to create continuously without questioning.
Further in the program, you will become used to creating and fighting and are not able to stop. At the end of the program when you look at your tasks, projects, conferences, mentor conversations, workshops, outdoor  activities and the business model, you will ask yourself if it was you who did all these. You experience the unbelievable pleasure of producing. What motivated me the most in the program is this; fighting, succeeding and creating.

I would like thank very much Berke Sarpas and his invaluable team members who were by our side day and night and supported us in every manner.

I feel very happy about being a part of a family of such great people.