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Everything began when I got stuck home during the famous snow in late December. While I was browsing the Internet, I came across the Entrepreneurial Warrior. I had been feeling very frustrated with my work recently. The work and the team I had built from scratch using someone else’s investment and with tremendous work were now over for me because of the whims of the bosses. The ENTREWAR came out just at that moment. I had participated several in-country and overseas trainings and seminars in my life. But, it was really hard to adapt this information to daily life. This training was promising this exactly; to put what you learn into practice. I enrolled in the program in no time. It was a very enjoyable, but also tiring and busy few weeks. It has given me  a lot to follow a team that has the motto of opening a door for people who have limited means as me. All my family members are employees working for a paycheck; and I had always wanted to do my own business for as long as I could remember. I kept postponing my dreams by making a lot of excuses ( I don’t have capital, the country is in crisis, what if it doesn’t work and I lose, how shall I find investors, etc.) The ENTREPRENEURIAL WARRIOR program walked in just at that moment and with the training, I refreshed my self-confidence and freed myself from the excuses. Now, I feel strong and focused on my goals without making excuses. The biggest problem the entrepreneurs have in Turkey is neither capital nor finding an investor; it is to find a mentor who experienced the same, tell them about the challenging times they had and give advice when they need. This is what the Entrepreneurial Warrior provides. If you also achieve your dreams and become an entrepreneur who has done so, the right address is the ENTREPRENEURIAL WARRIOR.