Mustafa Korkmaz - Girişim Savaşçısı

Mustafa Korkmaz







I see that the Entrepreneurial Warrior program was completely built as a training model to become successful and victorious. I can describe this model as a supporting program that pushes our limits and potential in a large area including from international markets to our country, competition, struggle and conflict while shedding light for us on the business world and is enriched with very special contents that will help us become invincible and superior. The basis of this organization is that it helps us finish the line by combining our potential with psychological, scientific and technological data and later reflect the results we attain to our success and teaches us the art of being an entrepreneur not only theoretically but also with practices. Especially, I admire the effort exhibited by the founder of the organization Berke Sarpas to create a new us in business life with his all mind and heart. His faith in us, his love for his work and his passion while making us live those interesting experiences together also inspired me. I cannot forget the contributions of all facilitators and mentors of this program having an applied training model that made us realize our real potential and not only show, but also experience what we were capable of. “I am very happy for having experienced this program that gave us the courage to re-write our story all over, initiate the change and transformation for the goals we desire, changing the problems to solutions, risks to success, extinction to existence, and lack of confidence to confidence in our lives.” I thank the entire Entrepreneurial Warrior family also including the participants.