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Nermin İndır







We think we know what we are capable of, but we are wrong. I even myself was surprised to see the things I did during the training. I accomplished every task, outperformed myself. Now I work non-stop without getting tired. In this training, I learned to move up step by step and apply myself. Now I do not fear making mistakes. I know that even if I do, I have the strength to get up. Failure is temporary, but becomes permanent if you give up. Is your body tired? The brain doesn’t know this, and now, when I order to work, my body goes along with it. I saw during the training that I was able to do the things I said “I can’t do it, I don’t have the strength to do, I am done”. I no longer stop at obstacles I myself put. If you want to make a difference and meet a great group of friends and facilitators, you are definitely at the right place.